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Time to take a virtual vacation. Destination Yala, Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka


While most of the world is under Covid-19 restrictions, we are thinking of ways to stay positive, stay well, be healthy and also maintain some mental wellness. So we’re taking this opportunity to invite you on a virtual vacation to Wild Coast Lodge in Sri Lanka. Let’s hope that once restrictions are lifted, that you can plan your next trip – we highly recommend it! A scenic six-hour drive from Colombo is where you’ll find Wild Coast Tented Lodge, on the South Eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Some might call it luxury glamping, but that would be an understatement.

Wild Coast  






  It’s where the jungle meets the sea, and with no fences around the property, elephant, water buffalo, hares, wild monkeys and boars are free to roam. We arrived at sunset and luckily there’s a staff member to escort you after dark. Beautiful lanterns are littered throughout the pathways creating a magical mood every way you turn. 








Once daylight hits, you’re completely immersed, discovering the domed open-air structures, dining pavilions served with local, gourmet spreads and beautifully designed safari-esque cocoon suites littered throughout the property.





Mindful design is a big statement here. Bamboo and recycled teak shingles form organic and edgy communal spaces that are structurally unique in design and make. We are even more in awe after finding out the structures were executed by a community project; Local fisherman from a nearby village, who usually would have no work if they could not fish, have trained and upskilled to help create these magnificent buildings and are now geared up to take on similar projects.




Sri Lanka

Image credit: Wild Coast Tented Lodge


Each cocoon suite is impeccably styled; A sort of Indiana Jones x Jurassic Park but styled in a way that is luxurious and tastefully safari themed without being over the top and gimmicky at all. Upon check-in, you are given an orientation and escorted to your cocoon where you get to enjoy the air-conditioning, knowing that the heat it generates will provide your hot water for the evening, and that 50% of the whole site is solar powered.    



What we love about this place is that it’s been built in a considered way. Everything has been thought out with the utmost respect to the wildlife and their habitats around you:

-All the water is from the ocean, then recycled and fed into the ponds around the lodge to support wildlife
-All food waste is converted to cooking gas and organic manure
-10% of earnings are allocated for social justice and the environment through the MJF Charitable foundation and Dilmah Conservation.
-They are developing a leopard research station


We’re all doing our part to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy during this time, in the hope that once the restrictions are lifted that you too have the opportunity to visit this magical place. Find out more about Wild Coast Lodge and their other properties here.