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Travel Guide

We all love to have our favourite pieces with us when we’re on holidays or travelling for work so why not take your favourite accessory with you? To keep your hat by your side while in transit we recommend the following:

Rolling your Fur Felt Hat

'Rollable' Fur Felt hats can be rolled for easy packing, storage and transport by using the following method:

Fold the hat along the centre from front to back (Figure 1)

Starting at the front of the hat gently roll towards the back (Figure 2)

Place inside the drawstring Helen Kaminski bag (sold with the hat) to secure and protect (Figure 3)


Rolling Your Raffia Braid Visor

Selected visors can be rolled for easy packing and transport by using the following method: Helen Kaminski recommends this method only for short term travel and not for long term product storage.

Place the visor with the back opening facing towards you. Untie the ribbons and position so they extend above the top of the visor. The elastic band should also be pulled up so that it is positioned above the top of the visor (Figure 1 & 1a)

Roll the visor in towards the center, keeping the ribbon and elastic above the top of the visor (Figure 2)

Wrap the ribbons around visor (Figure 3) the elastic band must be over the top edge (Figure 3 a)

Secure the visor by tying a bow or knot (Figure 4)


Rolling Your Raffia Braid Visor - After packing care

Unroll the visor and allow it to sit for 10 minutes so brim can unroll its shape

Should the visor brim shape not respond after 30 minutes, recapture the original shape by any of the following methods:

Rolling the visor from the other side for a few minutes to even out the appearance of the brim

Manipulate the visor brim firmly to even out the shape

Use a steam iron on low to medium heat and lightly press into shape being careful not to over press or scorch


Rolling Your Raffia Crochet Hat

Raffia crochet hats can be rolled for easy packing and transport by using the following method:

Untie raffia string and lay hat flat with crown tucked into itself; (Figures 1 and 2)

Roll edge of hat towards the center, starting with the right side; (Figure 3)

Roll left side on top of the right creating a somewhat conical shape; (Figure 4)

Wrap ends of raffia string around hat and tie to secure. (Figure 5)


Packing your hat (blocked styles):

When not actually wearing your hat in transit, we recommend the following packing method for blocked styles (non-rollable).

Prepare your hat for travel by placing the hat upside down in the suitcase.

Fill crown with soft articles and support brim by surrounding the outer crown of the hat with soft articles.

Make sure to fill all the space around the hat to support the brim. Avoid laying hard, pointy or particularly heavy items on top of your hat.


Taking your fabric hat with you:

Fabric hats are great travel companions as they often will fit in your handbag in a silk or linen drawstring bag.

Refreshing your hat after travel:

Packing and handling your hat will over time result in a softening of the natural fibres and blocked shape. While some customers love the extra character and unique beauty this adds to their piece, others wish to refresh their hat periodically using simple methods. To discover more, visit the Product Care page.