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Slow & sustainable fashion: Making your summer hat last a lifetime

Hat Care







 While slow and sustainable fashion is an increasingly hot topic, sustainability has always been at the core of the Helen Kaminski brand. So how do you shop for slow and sustainable fashion? To us, this means investing in timeless pieces that transcend the seasons, made with quality that allows them to last.  







 Fashion pieces should be bought and loved for a lifetime, not thrown away after a few wears. 

In summer, most of our accessories are made from the finest, sustainably sourced Madagascan raffia. We’re off to a good, slow-fashion start. 

We combine them with modern designs that are brought to life with quality craftspersonship that requires a high level of skill and technique to ensure that each accessory has the longest life-cycle possible. 

Taking good care of your raffia accessories will prolong their life cycle and in turn, reduce their environmental impact. We have some ladies returning our hats from 20 years ago, still in good condition and only in need of a little repair! 




So now you have a summer raffia hat, how do you make it last a lifetime?    


That means in a well-ventilated space, protected from direct sun and moisture, and also with it’s brim and crown supported. You can store it in a Helen Kaminski hat box or read our detailed DIY hat storage instructions here.


While our hats are perfect for beach side, pool side and resorts, don’t swim in them! Sometimes they can handle a tiny splash of water due to the natural resins, a raffia hat really shouldn’t be put near water. We do hear of some ladies swimming in their hats and loving it afterwards, but that’s not something that we recommend doing – risky business!


Don’t bend or squash your raffia hat as it’s likely to stay that way for a long time - some more than others. That is, unless its rollable, in that case you can safely roll them! We don’t recommend storing your hats rolled for long periods of time. 





What also makes raffia so special is its natural resin. This resin protects the strands, making them soft, pliable and preventing them from breaking, snapping and turning brittle like straw usually does.

After time, the raffia may soften and go a little limp, but you can actually use your iron and a bit of steam to draw out the natural resins and spring it back into life! Stuff it to support its original shape and leave out to dry naturally.

With a little care, your Helen Kaminski accessories will stand the test of time.


Always check the care & contents label inside the hat or search for the style information online.