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Meet Saroja, one of our artisans







 Meet Saroja, one of the members of our Artisan Program in the quiet communities of southern Sri Lanka. Saroja is 25 years old and has one little four year old boy. 








 SarojaProvence Dune


Provence Raffia Crochet





Saroja first joined us two years ago. She started in our paid training end development program. After a month and a half of training, Saroja perfected the craft of raffia crochet. This is her focus which she has perfected over time. 

While her husband has a full time job as a painter, Saroja would usually look after her child while staying home to care for the house. Our Artisan program gives her the opportunity to earn money while being at home and still caring for her family. It offers her flexibility, as she can crochet when she has the chance and also choose the pace in which she is able to complete each piece. 











 When it’s collection day, Saroja meets with all of the other artisans in her area at the local school. At the school, there’s an open-air hall where there is a lot of chatter, laughing and also snipping of the small fly away fibres that come naturally from the raffia strands. There’s a real feeling of positive energy at the collections; A sense of community and collaboration that each artisan makes and the contribution from the Helen Kaminski brand. 







Meet our Artisans




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