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Spotting elephants and visiting our artisans


On the other side of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, we ventured on an extremely long and windy drive along the coast to get to one of our artisan villages. The area is dense with tropical landscapes and the odd wild elephant roaming alongside the road. We also pass a local elephant shelter along the way and are happy to find out it’s an ethically run facility for elephant orphans. This one was renowned for being the best wild animal rehabilitation centres. 

 Art of Raffia CrochetArt of Raffia Crochet  







 Driving through dirt roads, we arrive at the community centre surrounded by stunning, brightly painted buildings. It’s here we were introduced to Nilushi. 














 Nilushi has a young family with two children, a boy and a girl. Her husband works in the financial sector while she stays home to look after the home and care for her family. Joining our Artisan Program has given Nilushi the opportunity to work, learn new skills and also supplement their family’s income. She gathers with many other women in her community each month to collect the next batch of raffia and turn in her pieces of crochet. 







Meet our Artisans




 Meet Niluka  Meet Krishanti  Meet Saroja