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Meet our artisan, Niluka






 We met the beautiful and talented Niluka on a warm afternoon while our team were doing distributions and collections to our villages. Over 5 hours away from the capital, Colombo, Niluka lives in a small village in the south of Sri Lanka where the weather is warm, the landscape is lush with tropical greens, and the air is humid but also filled with a wonderfully relaxed energy. 







Art of Raffia Crochet







 Niluka is in her late 20’s (she didn’t mind when we asked!) and has two children, a one year old and another who is seven years old. Niluka’s husband works in harvesting and while he is at work, Niluka looks after the children and their home. 








Art of Raffia CrochetArt of Raffia Crochet







 Niluka is now an experienced and dedicated artisan who crafts our beautiful raffia crochet pieces. One hat can take her up to three days to complete, seamlessly crocheting strands of raffia together, so that you can’t see any knots or joins. 








Meet our Artisans




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