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Meet our artisan, Krishanthi







 Last year, we joined our HK team in Sri Lanka for raffia collections. We took some long, winding roads out to remote villages through rich and luscious tropical landscapes. Here we met the beautiful Krishanthi, a long-standing member of our Artisan Progream. Krishanthi dressed up for the occasion to meet us in her sari – we noticed that Sri Lankan women love a bit of color and so do we!  









After the raffia is washed, dyed and then hung to dry naturally, we distribute them to our villages and onto our artisans like Krishanthi. Taking the raffia strands, Krishanthi sorts and split them by hand into 5 pieces to plait, each strand needs to maintain a consistent weight and thickness to result in an even plait. On average one coil takes about five days to complete and has 120 metres of plaited raffia so you can imagine the skill involved in continuously feeding each strand in at all different lengths!   



When it’s collection day, Krishanthi gathers with the other artisans at their local community hub – often joined by their children and husbands. There is a real sense of community on collection day, something that we are very proud of.