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The Art of Raffia Fine Braid

Raffia Fine Braid






  Here at Helen Kaminski, we believe in sustainable materials and beautiful artisanal techniques to craft our Iconic accessories; so, what is Raffia Fine Braid?

Raffia Fine Braid is a signature Helen Kaminski technique used to handcraft raffia hats and raffia bags.  

Our highly skilled artisans produce Raffia Fine Braid using the highest quality, sustainably harvested Madagascan raffia. After it’s washed, dyed, naturally dried and then distributed to our artisans, they craft by hand what is known as our signature five-piece plait. .

While people assume that plaiting is simple, our fine braid is truly something special.  





Raffia Fine Braid 




Our artisans take the raffia and split it by hand, ensuring that a consistent weight and thickness is maintained to ensure an even finish.

It takes approximately five days for a skilled artisan to complete a 120 metre coil of raffia braid, ensuring that there are no visible joins or knots in the handcrafted length.

This technique takes months of training and years of practice to effortlessly produce.

Once complete, the braid is delicately formed and sewn together into the latest new season silhouettes and finished with our signature gold seed logo.  







Raffia Fine Braid is key to our crafting process and is used widely across our collection on selected Raffia Hats, Rollable Hats, and Raffia Bags. Browse the range and take a look at our collection for Women and Men styles on our website.

A raffia hat or bag from Helen Kaminski will last and taking good care of your accessories will prolong their life cycle and in turn, reduce their environmental impact. Some customers have had their hats for 20 years, in great condition with only small repairs needed! 

Here are some tips for increasing the longevity of your hat and keeping it looking fresh for years to come.